Love has no boundaries

Brief unseres Projektpartners Don Bosco


This is a milestone. It is 25 years since our project was launched! A quarter century has been crossed after September 1989, the Austrian friends and Don Bosco met for the first time. Our partnership has come a long way over these years in reaching out to the needy and the poor in India, especially the poor people from the villages in and around Pagandai Kootu Road.

Friedl and the group of Austrian friends put their heads together and took stock of the scenario here. They decided to give priority to education and thus was born the God Children Project.

Our priority to education has proved “right“. Giving education to the rural poor children has yielded tangible results. It has helped to mould, shape and build up human persons of worth. This has been a great intervention in the lives of the rural poor! You have made easy what seemed not so easy. Education has significantly changed rural children’s way of thinking, talking and behaving in the society. In short, you have given them a better life and a better future!

There is a starting point for everything. Friedl was a starting point. And then our friends Kurt, Sacha, (Footballplayer) Christine, Fr.Franz Kronister, Dia Freddy, Deacan Hofmacher, Monica, Uschi, Herbiath, Maria, Sanio ,Casmir and all our Austrian Friends and God parents joined hands in the journey of love, concern, giving and generosity for 25 continuous years. It has been a path breaking journey!

This is a proud moment. We are happy to announce that 670 children have passed through the portals of the God children project in these 25 years. On your side, you have sacrificed and shared a lot to make this happen! On the side of the children they have received the BEST GIFT of their life, namely EDUCATION! You have assisted their life building process in a remarkable way. Friedl used to say “LIFE IS GIVING”. But it is not easy to give. Those who have contributed are not very rich people. They are ordinary people. But they have made this extraordinary thing to happen by giving. LOVE is the most decisive factor that has made this Possible. They have taken to their hearts the word of Jesus “love one another….”And love has no boundaries! It has flowed all the way from Austria to India!!

We have experienced your unconditional love all these 25 years! At this juncture, we are filled with JOY and THANKFULNESS. Our hearts are full of gratitude. It is Christmas season! With joyful hearts we raise our hands in thanks giving as we thank the Saviour for coming to the world, we thank HIM for giving YOU to US! We wish and pray that Baby Jesus may fill each one of you with joy, peace, serenity, good health, cheer and success in all your endeavours!


DANKE to Jesus
DANKE to You all